Pornography or Cheeky Humor? US Bedding Company, Cuddledown, Found Itself in the Center of Controversy Over Its Fall Catalog Cover

Portland, ME (PRWEB) August 22, 2012

Quality, US bedding company Cuddledown became involved in the latest eye of the beholder imbroglio with their Fall 2012 catalog cover, featuring a boomer-aged couple dressed in their Cuddledown pillows.

Best known for their high-end US-made bedding, Cuddledown created a humorous cheeky catalog cover to promote their annual pillow sale all in good fun and with the hopes that it would catch peoples attention. “We expected a few might be offended, as it wasnt a typical bedding cover, but we were surprised at the vitriol our customer service representatives were subjected to. They felt that many of the comments almost appeared to be a campaign, due to the similarity, with the primary theme being the ‘pornographic display’ appearing without warning in customers mailboxes,” said CEO Chris Bradley.

Customer comments included statements such as the following:

DISGUSTING and SMELLY! POOR TASTE!, People rubbing pillows on their, what appears to be, naked private parts, NASTY and GROSS!, It is nasty, yucky, vulgar, disgusting, sluttie, muttie., Its soft porn. FILTH!, It is the most ugly tasteless photo I have ever seen., Vulgar, disgusting and immoral., Crude and X-rated., Should be wrapped in a brown paper bag as it is Porno someone ought to be fired., This looks like he is doing something and shes watching., Absolute pornography and I am ashamed to have it in my home., I do NOT appreciate classless nudity ‘gracing’ the cover of the catalog I received today; I’m embarrassed in front of my postman., I certainly hope the two pillows used in the photograph have been given to the models for their personal use — speedos or bikinis not withstanding [sic].

What really surprised the staff were the comments directed at the age of the attractive and in-shape, 60-something-year-old models — since Cuddledowns customer demographics focus on boomers and on up:

Disgusting magazine cover with the two naked old farts., Who wants naked, old people in their home?, I am 60 years old so my aversion to this cover is not based on age discrimination, I probably would have felt doubly disgusted if I were younger., Whos the genius that thought two gross old people would sell merchandise?, Who is the OLD man on the cover of your Early Autumn 2012 catalog? I’m older, but he is too old for me!, How in the world did you think wrinkled old people and varicose veins is a good way to sell merchandise? Disgusting!, I am not a woman’s liber [sic], but I do detest seeing a young girl who could be my daughter’s age with a viagra guy., I don’t need sexual images coming to my mailbox so my kids can ask me why a Grandpa is naked on the cover., Sending a cover that shows your customer the younger women her husband ran off with was stupid. I cant even imagine how many women youve angered by rubbing it in their faces this way. I bet youve lost a lot of business by such an insensitive, juvenile approach. Obviously a man came up with this idea!

Ultimately, Cuddledowns Pillow Sale has been as successful if not more so, than last years, and of the 1.3 million catalogs mailed, only around 200 comments were received. Although the company isnt planning another pillow cover up shoot in the immediate future, they wont rule it out. As one customer put it:

Actually, just my opinion, no body parts are even peeking on either person. I also like seeing mature models complete with grey hair instead of very young models. I think the cover represents boomers who can still enjoy life in all its aspects. I thought it was in good fun. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Cuddledown, a family-owned company located in Maine, has been making and selling the finest in home fashions, apparel and more since 1973. They manufacture their down and synthetic comforters, pillows and featherbeds in the U.S., and also offer bedding and linens, sourced from the finest mills worldwide. Cuddledown also sells quality sleepwear, apparel and footwear, plus home d

Substitute Ingredient Discovery Leads to New Puralen Herbal Laxative for Nano Essentials

North York, Ontario (PRWEB) September 10, 2012

In the tradition of skilled researchers and developers that have discovered new products and remedies by accident, Nano Essentials is excited to announce their new Puralen herbal laxative. The result of a manufacturers accidental ingredient substitute for E-Drops, Puralen is an all-natural diuretic and stool softener that regulates colon and urinary tract health to treat constipation, clean the colon and act as a urinary tract antiseptic. Nano Essentials produces and distributes innovative and healthy nutraceuticals that are based on natural therapies and absorbed naturally by the body.

While dedicated research in pursuit of a specific solution has brought about some of the worlds greatest products, happy accidents have played a highly significant role for an almost equal number of innovative solutions. From the microwave oven and Post-It Notes to Viagra and corn flakes, many of todays ubiquitous products are the result of happy accidents. Now, Puralen, the new herbal laxative from Nano Essentials joins that pantheon of groundbreaking solutions.

As a leading healthy nutraceuticals research and product development company, Nano Essentials has brought innovative all-natural products such as E-Drops Nano for urinary tract infections and cystitis to world markets. It was in the course of producing a new batch of their E-Drops Nano that the shipment of an incorrect manufacturing ingredient known as lecithin led to the discovery of Puralen. Lecithin is a naturally-occurring compound found in a variety of plant and animal tissues. Our 60 years of combined experience in research and development led us to experimentation with the different lecithin as a substitute ingredient in our very specific E-Drops Nano formulation, said Nano Essentials representative Vedran Hasanagic.

The Nano Essentials researchers thoroughly tested samples from the experimental batch in their laboratories and determined that the resultant product was not only safe, but had some interesting new medicinal properties. After internal testing with the president and select staff, they soon discovered that the alternate lecithin gave the drops an excellent and natural laxative property. After more testing on the all-natural experimental solution, we slightly modified it to enhance its bowel and digestive tract cleansing properties, said Hasanagic.

Dubbed Puralen, the digestive tract cleanser is an all-natural diuretic and stool softener that regulates colon and urinary tract health to treat constipation and clean the colon. Since it is an herbal solution based on the original E-Drops, it also acts as a urinary tract antiseptic.

What makes the new Puralen so innovative as an excellent digestive tract cleanser and herbal laxative is the fact that it causes no dependency after prolonged use and also has the added plus of providing pleasant breath to the user, said Hasanagic. As a research and development company using state-of-the-art nanotechnologies to deliver healthy alternatives to conventional pharmaceuticals, Puralen fits perfectly with our mission of creating products that are all natural without the dangerous side effects of many pharmaceuticals.

For more information, please visit

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Mens Health Brand Gets Big Surprise

Durham, NC (PRWEB) September 11, 2012

A new study by Phoenix Healthcare, a division of Phoenix Marketing International, has found that half (47%) of men 45+ suffer from multiple mens health conditions known mostly by their acronyms ED, BPH, Low T and gout. This market of mixed morbidities is larger than any one of these conditions individually. With over 30 million men today (and growing by 14% in 2020 and 27% by 2030), it is no wonder pharmaceuticals are rapidly heating up competition for mens attention to learn about their conditions and their brands.

Seventeen (17) ED, BPH, gout, or Low T brands jumped up DTC advertising by 33% to over $ 400 million dollars. This represents very rare growth in DTC. To learn if that much money resulted in more men to talking to their doctors, Phoenix surveyed a large random sample of 1,500 men, 45+. And what they discovered was surprising.

Only 1 in 10 men (13%) who talked to their doctor about their mixed gout symptoms talked about their gout. This is in stark contrast to the 8 in 10 men (76%) with mixed gout symptoms who watched Takedas gout treatment ads or Ulorics green flask ads. Despite having gout symptoms, it was their symptoms for ED, Low T then BPH that won the largest shares of symptom discussion. Clearly, the battle for market growth is fueled by the competition for share-of-voice in the physicians office.

Phoenix Healthcare introduced the 360

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